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Center for Nanoscale Science

The term "nano" means "a billionth," and such technology involves the construction of devices at the molecular and atomic levels.

In the race to secure California’s economic leadership in the new world of lucrative medical, military and agricultural applications, the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and the Bourns College of Engineering established the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE). Under the direction of Dr. Robert Haddon, CNSE researchers employ interdisciplinary research to predict, modify and customize the chemical and material properties of newly fabricated materials for a variety of industrial applications and devices.

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Featured Faculty
Robert Haddon Robert Haddon
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Research focus: Nanotech
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Jeanie Lau Jeanie Lau
Associate Professor of Physics
Research focus: Graphene
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Alex Balandin Alex Balandin
Chair, Materials Sciences and Engineering
Research focus: Graphene
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