Whether pioneering sustainable agriculture, mitigating air pollution, converting biowaste into energy or exploring environmental issues on a molecular level, UCR is discovering new answers to many of the 21st century’s greatest questions.

We develop flood-and-drought-resistant crops. We engineer solar cars and eco-friendly buildings. We partner with industry to tap the potential of biofuels, renewable energy and alternative transportation systems. We educate next-generation environmental scientists, conservationists, agricultural specialists and urban planners.

Because climate change isn’t just something we research, it is something we empower everyone to achieve.

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Imagine a cleaner, greener, more bountiful world.
At UCR, that's what we do.

Did You Know

The Princeton Review’s 2013 Guide to 322 Green Colleges gives UCR a green rating of 93 out of a possible 99.

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges Explorations, Assistant Professor Hideaki Tsutsui is developing bio sensors for food crops that work like pregnancy tests to indicate when crops are in danger.

The College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research & Technology (CE-CERT) is home to the world’s largest indoor air quality chamber.

The Citrus Variety Collection at UCR is an incredibly valuable university resource consisting of two trees each of more than 1,000 different citrus types. Used extensively to solve citrus disease problems and improve commercial varieties, the collection is one of the world’s premier citrus germplasm collections.

UCR has played a role in the development of every orange, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit grown in California.

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UCR’s Center for Invasive Species Research brings together many of the nation’s top entomologists, biologists, geneticists and plant pathologists to develop and implement early-detection, bio-control agents and integrated pest management methods. Learn More

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