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Center for Plant Cell Biology

From the development of high-yield crops to the invention of alternative energy sources, the emerging field of genomics holds the key to meeting many of the 21st Century's greatest challenges.

The Center for Plant Cell Biology (CEPCEB) engages world-class researchers from a broad range of fields in interdisciplinary research. Under the director of Dr. Natasha Raikhel, CEPCEB faculty employ the latest advances in computational biology, engineering, chemical genomics proteomics, microscopy and bioinfomatics to determine how plants function, fight infection, ward off competition from other plants, and manipulate the behavior of feeding insects and other animals.

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Featured Faculty
Natasha Raikhel Natasha Raikhel
Distinguished Professor of Plant Cell Biology
Research focus: Vacuolar Trafficking and Plant Endosomes
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Julia Bailey-Serres Julia Bailey-Serres
Professor of Genetics
Research focus: Flood-resistant Rice
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Sean Cutler Sean Cutler
Assistant Professor
Research focus: Drought-resistant Crops
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Xuemei Chen Xuemei Chen
Research focus: Plant Genomics
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