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Center for Invasive Species Research

Every year California’s diverse ecosystem is invaded by new, often-destructive species of exotic pests, resulting in annual economic losses of more than $3 billion. As modern transportation combines with climate change to accelerate invasion rates within and beyond state borders, the demand to protect our vineyards, citrus heritage, urban landscapes, agriculture and economy from the impacts of new diseases becomes all the more urgent.

Working in partnership with the USDA, state agencies, conservation organizations, farmers and the general public, UCR’s Center for Invasive Species Research brings together many of the nation’s top entomologists, biologists, geneticists and plant pathologists to develop and implement early-detection, bio-control agents and integrated pest management methods.

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Featured Faculty
Mark Hoddle Mark Hoddle
Director, Center for Invasive Species Research
Research focus: Red Palm Weevil
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Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell
Director, Lindcove Research & Extension Center
Research focus: Citrus Pest Management
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Tim Paine Tim Paine
Professor of Entomology
Research focus: Ash Whitefly
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Tom Perring Tom Perring
Professor of Entomology
Research focus: Date Palm Industry
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