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Dallas Rabenstein

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Dallas Rabenstein
Synthetic Peptides for Medical Treatments
UCR researchers are discovering that synthetic peptide-like molecules have great potential for medical applications. While naturally-occurring peptides have great potential as drugs, they have disadvantages such as instability or adverse side effects that make them unusable. Professor Rabenstein’s lab is testing synthetic peptides, such as peptoids, to find that happy medium that works for medical applications.

Areas of Expertise

Select Honors and Distinctions

  • Fellow, American Chemical Society
  • Fellow, International Society for Magnetic Resonance
  • Dean, UCR Graduate Division (2003-08)
  • Chair, UCR Department of Chemistry
  • UCR Faculty Research Lecturer (2001)
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (1995)
  • Interim Dean, UCR College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (1993-94)
  • Canadian Fisher Scientific Award (1984)
  • Fellow, Chemical Institute of Canada (1983)


Q: UCR’s chemistry department ranks among the world’s elite research institutions. What accomplishments and achievements contribute to that distinguished reputation?
The chemistry department is recognized as outstanding because of its faculty members, who have national and international reputations for the high quality of their research. I should also add that the chemistry department has one of the heaviest teaching loads on campus, and the faculty take their teaching very seriously. They do a superb job as classroom teachers, and also serve as excellent mentors of graduate students.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, cooking and gardening. My reading is mostly nonfiction and biographies. I enjoy listening to classical music, and my wife and I attend concerts in Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County. I am an amateur cook and rely upon my skills as a chemist to follow a recipe. I am on a quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. My gardening is focused on my backyard where I have a large number of citrus trees, as well as roses and other plants.

Q: What does Living the Promise mean to you?
To me, Living the Promise means all associated with UCR be given the opportunity to realize their full potential, whether they be staff, students or faculty.

Q: From your perspective as campus provost, what is it about UCR that makes this a great place to do research, compared with other institutions?
We are a research university with high quality graduate students. In addition, in the sciences and engineering, we have excellent infrastructure and instrumentation facilities, necessary to do 21st century science. We also have a highly collaborative faculty.
Dallas Rabenstein “The outstanding chemistry faculty, who have national and international reputations for the high quality of their research, also do an excellent job as classroom teachers and graduate student mentors.”

—Dallas Rabenstein
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